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Founded in 1991, Teleologic specialise in software development for enterprise application integration in the healthcare sector. We are a technology focussed company whose aim is to build systems that are cost-effective, easy to deploy, use and support as well as being resilient and scalable. To this end we have developed our own in-house software architecture incorporating our TeleoMedic clinical portal and XML-based content store.

Our software technologies provide the foundations on which all our systems are based and enable us to achieve software robustness through maximum reuse of well-tested components, and fast delivery due to re-use of established system design structures.

Our success is built on having an in-depth understanding of our clients' requirements and being able to apply the most appropriate technology for applications including Inter-hospital Referrals, Specialty Clinical Noting, and Transfer of Care.


The Patient Content Store Advantage

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Removes "clinical information silos" and improves clinical process

Clinical information retrievable via web browser by any authorised user from any networked PC

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