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Comprehensive easy to use data recording is an essential feature of clinical systems. PCS provides an extensive library of clinical data screens, tailored to the requirements of the many different specialties where PCS is in use, including:

  • Cardiology.
  • Diabetes.
  • Respiratory / COPD.
  • Colorectal.

To ensure that the correct set of clinical screens are displayed, PCS records the specialty of the consultant or the clinical team to which a patient is originally referred, and based on this specialty PCS creates an episode with the appropriate clinical profile. To ensure that clinical data is reliable and verifiable, PCS only provides access to registered users for that speciality, and all updates are recorded in the PCS audit trail.

At each point where clinical data is to be recorded for events in the patient pathway, PCS then selects to display the appropriate clinical data screens for the relevant episode clinical profile. PCS can also further select the screens to be used depending on the context, for example different surgery procedures will cause a different selection of screens to be displayed, thus ensuring that users are not presented with irrelevant data fields.

In addition to the clinical screens provided with different PCS modules, there is also a facility to create new data screens using the development toolkit supplied with PCS, together with the built-in PCS content management system for creating and deploying profiles.

The data input via the clinical data screens is can be displayed in an easy-to-read summary format, and can be used in the production of clinical correspondence including clinic letters, extra letters, onward referrals and discharge summaries.

As well as forming the basis for online patients notes and clinical correspondence, the clinical content can be used for management reports and clinical audit.



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Clinical Content

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