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Clinical correspondence, both incoming and outgoing, is a key deliverable of PCS. With essential referral and treatment information stored in PCS, onward referral letters can automatically include the minimum data set (MDS) for 18-week referral to treatment tracking, and discharge summaries can automatically include authorised drug treatment.

The ability of PCS to extend to referring consultants across NHSNet, enables the collection of validated clinical information with incoming referrals, and the attachments facility enables uploading of scanned letters and other information.

To help ensure that correspondence gets quickly generated and dispatched, PCS supports electronic transmission over DTS or NHS Mail and provides an audited extranet view whereby GPs and other referrers can obtain latest clinical correspondence.

The patient pathway and workflow facilities built in to PCS make the production of clinical correspondence a swift and reliable process, ensuring timely production and 100% completeness.

  • Correspondence production automatically initiated at key events in patient pathway.
  • Clinical data generated into letter automatically, as defined by pathway-specific templates (new patient, follow-up, or discharge letters for example).
  • Correspondence remains on pending list until completion.
  • Quick links between letter review, clinical data edit, and letter authorisation, ensuring that clinical data as well as free text comments are kept up to date.
  • Details of clinical author and sender automatically inserted in correspondence record.
  • Full support for electronic transmission of GP correspondence.



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Improving the transfer of care to the GP

Electronic delivery of clinical correspondence to primary care cuts delays and reduces costs.

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