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Clinicians and their management colleagues know how crucial timely submission of clinical audit data is for payment by results and peer review. By tracking changes in the main clinical audit data sets, PCS will help with generating the data outputs for clinical audits such as MINAP for cardiology, or NBOCAP and LUCADA in cancer care, as well as Department of Health reporting requirements such as Cancer Waiting Times.

PCS enables clinicians to collect data at the point of patient care, and ensures that the data is collected in the correct format for subsequent clinical audit. This is especially import where coding schemes have been specified for he audit datasets, and it is essential to ensure that the data captured will confirm to the coding scheme required. Data can then be checked and reviewed well before the deadline for submission.

As well as the datasets to be collected for national audit, it is also important that clinical managers have access to reports showing total numbers of patients seen, summaries of drug treatment and procedures, outcomes and timescales. A standard dataset based around the PCS patient pathway framework has been developed by Teleologic to assist with this requirement.


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Mapping and auditing the clincial process

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