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With PCS, we aim to ensure that we save time for our users by integrating PCS with other clinical IT systems to the greatest extent possible within the scope of our customersí projects. Integration also contributes greatly to the overall accuracy and completeness of clinical records.

We can provide off-the-shelf interfaces to major clinical IT systems, as well as being able to provide resources for the development of other interfaces. Examples of system integration that we have implemented are:

  • Patient Demographics: patient demographic details (including registered GP details) are imported by PCS from via industry-standard HL7 message transfer. The import can either be continuous, so that information is transferred each time a patient record is created, updated or deleted on the patient management system, or on demand so that information is only transferred when requested for specific patients.
  • Clinic list import: full lists of patient appointment details for forthcoming clinics are imported by PCS, including appointment details and comments. Patient demographics and GP details are imported at the same time. This facility ensures data completeness in subsequent reporting, as well as providing clinicians with instant access to clinical data already stored on PCS for patients being seen in clinic.
  • Dictation: major productivity gains can be achieved by interfacing speech recognition systems to PCS, especially when combined with the clinic list import and patient demographics interfaced described above.  Clinicians simply have to retrieve the patient information from the clinic list, update any structured clinical content via the clinical data forms, and dictate comments via the speech-to-date system. Successful projects with the NUANCE speech recognition system have considerable success in the timely production of clinic letters.
  • Pathology results and investigations/procedures: the accuracy and data completeness of clinical records is greatly enhanced if pathology results, imaging reports and other reports can be imported. PCS has many successful implementations of such imports, including blood test results for Diabetes and Cardiology clinics or cellular pathology and imaging for cancer care.

In addition to the integration facilities described above, PCS makes an ideal portal into other web-based systems such as PACS imaging, by enabling the user to launch other systems directly from a patientís record, with pre-authentication where available.


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Interfaces to legacy systems save time spent re-keying data and ensure data quality.

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