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There are a number of options available for reporting with PCS.  Clinical managers have access to information about exactly how many patients are currently on the pathway for each clinical team, and to report quarterly and yearly totals, as well as to drill down to performance indicators such as time from referral to treatment. Other benefits of PCS reporting include the potential for sophisticated clinical monitoring and analysis of trends in treatment and other areas of clinical research.

PCS includes a reports module facility which is available to system administrators for the creation of reports either from the workflow structure of PCS, or from databases specific to clinical content requirements, or directly from the raw clinical content itself. For workflow management the PCS reporting module includes facilities to run reports at scheduled intervals or to email reports directly to users.

For relational database reporting to any set of requirements, PCS provides a flexible facility to create export formats that can transfer information from the patient content store to an external database structure. This approach has been used for many instances of database reporting for clinical research purposes.

Data extracts can be requested from PCS in a range of different formats, and can be generated on demand, or to a pre-defined schedule.

Examples of where PCS reporting has been used include cancer waiting times reporting, and inter-hospital transfer referral-to-treatment summaries, as well as numerous clinical scenarios.



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