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PCS provides a simple way to record events in the clinical pathway, and to store documentation of patient care such as clinical correspondence, procedure reports and MDT meeting notes. That means all clinicians involved in the care of a particular patient can be equally up to date with the current status.

Additionally PCS will make sure that certain jobs will always get done, by workflow processes that are invoked at specific points. For example, every outpatient clinic appointment can automatically be followed by generation of a clinic letter that remains on a pending list until completed, or certain clinical criteria can ensure the inclusion of a patient in a forthcoming MDT meeting.

In the day-to-day use of PCS as well, the system has been designed to fit easily into busy clinical situations, to ensure widespread take-up by users and so ensuring completeness of clinical data as far as possible.

System workflow is designed around the concept of clinical teams, and each user logs in as a member of a clinical team. Clinical team administrators can set up the system records to indicate on which days clinics are run, who the personnel are in each role, and what clinical information screens are required.

After logging on, the user has access to a Clinic Team homepage, with links to clinic dates, as well as ‘to-do’ lists and links to other clinical applications such as order communications or results reporting. There is a Journal facility that shows a log of all events (both clinical and patient management events) for that patient episode All updates to clinical data are recorded in the PCS audit trail.



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